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Jesselyne Abel

Chief Executive Officer

Jesselyne Abel received her degree in biology and works in the healthcare field- currently completing certification to become an Orthoptist. She has been writing poetry since she was seven years old. At first, it was her break from structured writing like essays, which turned into a hobby and an emotional outlet.


Today, it is her passion. It is a way to share her message in the hope of making an impact on others and being a light. Her debut poetry book "Laced in Love" is written for those searching for love whether they never had it, lost it, or going through a season of depression. It is to help fill that hole. During the weekend she can be seen as a Talk Show Host and Media Wellness Advocate on UMERADIO.

My Story

As a child growing up, I was blessed with a family that did their utmost to ensure I was cared for. However, even with all the love and support that I was fostered with as a child, I struggled to find my own light. I was what they called a premie baby. I was born at 24 weeks, and so I was the miracle child. That title came with its own pressure and so as I grew older, I trapped myself into a perfection standard that I would then lock with a key, never to be revealed. But that was to my detriment, and in overcoming that trap, in releasing my pain through poetry and journaling, I unlocked a reservoir of unlimited potential that I was suffocating when I locked my story away. You can unlock your pains too, and I want to help you through empathy, kindness, and support. Let us help you do your work: write, heal and earn.

Be The Light Publishing




From journaling to professional literature, we are here to help you translate your story, and release pains that may be trapped inside you holding you back. We help new and seasoned writers achieve their targets.

Writing is one of the most therapeutic processes. Writing helps you heal. Your story has the power to heal you, and others. How many times have you listened to a song or read a book and it just connects with you in ways nothing else could? That could be your story helping you and others.

Writing is a very viable career. It also makes an excellent gig or part-time work. You can be a blogger, news writer, write jokes, books, newsletters, and so on. The opportunities are endless; and with our support, you will not have to do it alone.

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